Manon Vergunst

Research technician +31 (0)71 526 3982


Since 2009, I am working as a research technician in the Transplant Immunology group under supervision of Sebastiaan Heidt. Working in de field of Transplant Immunology, my main interests are in kidney transplantation, B-cells and HLA-specific antibodies. Our lab has generated a catalogue of human anti-HLA monoclonal antibodies (mainly HLA class I) that we produce and use for several research questions. At the moment we are generating recombinant HLA-specific monoclonal antibodies (mainly HLA class II). Besides this work, I perform immunophenotyping by flow cytometry for various projects, and am involved in a project where we design novel therapies to eradicate HLA-specific B cells. 


Curriculum Vitae

I obtained my Bachelor degree at the Hogeschool Utrecht in Life Sciences, direction of Molecular Biology. During this time, I completed 2 internships, the first in the department of Medical Genetics of the Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (UMCU), and the second in the department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology on the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

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