Ellen van der Meer-Prins

Research technician


In February 1991, I started working at the department of Immunology (formerly IHB) in the Transplant Immunology group focusing on the role of T-cells in solid organ transplantation. For the last ten years I have been working with several PhD students on heterologous immunity, investigating viral specific CD8-T cells that can cross-react with allogenic HLA molecules. These cells are a potential threat in organ transplantation, since every patient has viral specific T-cells of which a proportion can potentially cross-react with the HLA mismatches of the donor. Similarly, this could be relevant in the setting of pregnancy. Techniques we use are flow cytometry, single cell sorting, cell culture, ELISA and Chromium release assays, amongst others.

Additionally, I assist with freezing materials for the LUMC Transplant Center Biobank, in which PBMC and plasma of kidney transplant recipients are collected for future research. Finally, I am involved in immune monitoring of patients of the LUMC TRITON trial in which autologous MSC are administered to kidney transplant recipients.

Curiculum Vitae

I studied medical laboratory research at Hogeschool Leiden and performed my specialization on cyto-histopathology. I graduated in 1986, and after my internship at the SSDZ in Delft I worked there for 2,5 years in the histopathology department. In 1989, I started at the Cyto Genetics department of the LUMC in Leiden working on prenatal diagnostics, after which in 1991, I started working at the department of Immunology.


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  • Vaccine-induced allo-HLA-reactive memory T cells in a kidney transplantation candidate.

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