Jacqueline Anholts

Research technician
j.d.h.anholts@lumc.nl +31 (0)71 526 5925

Curriculum vitae

I studied HBO-A with a specialization in medical microbiology. In the beginning of my lab career I have been involved in the HLA typing diagnostic laboratory to detect novel HLA genes by applying molecular typing assay including Sanger sequencing. Since fifteen years my focus has shifted more toward research within the field of transplantation and more recently reproductive immunology. A main expertise is the development of RNA analysis methods and real-time PCR assays to detect mRNA and microRNA in human materials, including kidney biopsy tissue, placental tissue, blood cells, and urinary cells. I have also experience in cell culturing, cell transfection experiments, microarray analysis, and T cell/B cell receptor landscaping. I have guided many students in the lab, both in individual projects and during regular teaching modules.


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