About the T-Cell Regulation group

We study the molecular and cellular regulation of T-cell responses and aim to use this knowledge to inform and improve immunotherapy. The work is performed in three interrelated themes.

  1. Understanding the fundamental principles of T-cell programming.
  2. Dissection of effector and memory T-cell responses.
  3. Understanding and improving T-cell based immunotherapy.


The overarching aim of these themes is to understand T-cell responses to cancer, pathogens and during immunotherapy, and further use this knowledge to advance immunotherapy. Many successful immunotherapies are based on targeting the stimulatory and inhibitory molecules on T cells. We currently focus on understanding the underlying principles how these molecules interact with each other and how they program T cells. The gained knowledge of stimulatory and inhibitory receptors as well as their modulators and downstream signaling pathways will be applied for biomarker discovery and utilized to improve current immunotherapies and generate new ones.



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