About the Peptide Immunology  Group

Our research is focused on the application of synthetic peptides to solve medical problems.

The work is almost exclusively performed in collaboration with other research groups and relates to three major areas:

  1. Peptides as research tools to understand disease
  2. Peptides as diagnostics to detect, monitor or predict disease
  3. Peptides as therapeutics to cure disease

To allow for optimal and flexible input in the above areas we have extensive knowledge and infrastructure available for the parallel synthesis of peptides and for the efficient and cost-effective synthesis of modified peptides (affinity-tags, fluorescent or isotope labels, click handles, cyclic or multimeric constructs, lipid extensions, etc).

Collaborate with us

Looking for information on one of our topics, a new place to conduct your research or connect to experienced researchers to join forces with?  Feel free to contact us!

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