Marry Franke

Research technician +31 (0)71 526 3982


As of December 1996, I started working as a research technician in the groups of Tumor Immunology led by Onno Leeksma and in the group of Transplant Immunology led by Frans Claas. My work was mostly focused on research on Rhesus incompatibility and the making of human monoclonal antibodies against HLA by generating antibody producing hybridoma’s out of EBV transformed, with a myeloma fused B cells. In 2000, I started working fully for the Transplant Immunology group. Currently, I am predominantly working on the production of human monoclonal antibodies against HLA using recombinant DNA technology.


Curriculum vitae

I studied to become a chemical technician at the Van Leeuwenhoek Institute in Delft. After working as chemical technician in a photo development center, and as a technical education assistant at several schools I started the study Biology. After completion, I worked at the Institute for Molecular Botany as a research technician on the project of site-directed mutagenesis in plants. From December 1996 till now I am working as a research technician at the LUMC.

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