Marja van Eggermond

Research technician


During my study I got interested in molecular and cellular biology. I started my work in basic research on HLA polymorphisms in healthy individuals and disease associations. After a few years, my research moved more towards HLA gene regulation and epigenetics. The combination of molecular and cellular techniques to solve research questions, is what I really enjoy. Since 2014, I switched to the Molecular Stem Cell Biology group, working on gene therapy for SCID patients. This is translational research in which human hematological stem cells are transduced with a lentivirus to correct for a particular defect gene expression. In 2020 we hope to start a new clinical treatment of RAG1-SCID patients.


Curriculum Vitae

After I graduated my HNWO study at the Dr. Struijckeninstitute in Etten-Leur, I joined the Immunohematology and Bloodtransfusion department at the Leiden University Medical Center. I started as a research technician in the group of Marius Giphart. Some years later I switched to the group of Peter van den Elsen to work on gene regulation and epigenetics. The last years I work in the group of Frank Staal on gene therapy.

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