Robert Cordfunke

Research technician +31 (0) 71 526 4775


Since 2008 I’m working as research technician in the peptide facility of the Department Immunology in the group of dr. J.W. Drijfhout. My tasks include peptide library technology (synthesis and screening of arrays of millions of peptides) for the identification of new peptides using amino acid sequencing using Edman degradation. In addition, I perform quality control of synthetic peptides using mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF) and liquid chromatography (UPLC-MS). I’m also involved in the purification of synthetic peptides using preparative HPLC and labeling of synthetic peptides with different kind of fluorescent or near infrared dyes. I also perform peptide-HLA binding studies and HLA monomer and tetramer production.


I studied biotechnology at the “Hogeschool van Rotterdam en omstreken” and performed my Internship (1995-1996) in the Molecular Biology group of professor Klaas Hellingwerf (Univ. Amsterdam) on a topic involving site directed mutagenesis of photoactive yellow protein (PYP), in order to allow its efficient overproduction and purification.

From 1996 to 2002 I worked as a research technician in the same group to understand the structure/function relationship of PYP using spectroscopy, genetics and chemical engineering and I studied the role of flavins in lightstruck flavor formation in beer.

From 2002 until 2005 I worked as a research technician at DSM Anti-infectives Quality assurance/Quality control in Delft, being responsible for HPLC analyses of anti-infectives, development and validation of new HPLC analysis methods.

From 2005 until 2008 I worked as senior technician at Proxy Laboratories in Leiden, responsible for the development of new analysis methods for technical transfers and validation experiments in a GMP/GLP environment (analytical, biochemical and microbiological methods) and being study director of short-term studies.

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