Dr. Lu Zhang

Postdoctoral researcher


My research focuses on the role of complement in the induction of autoimmune responses against post translational modified (PTM) proteins in mouse model. The hypothesis is that the breach of B cell tolerance is mediated by complement proteins that bind directly to the PTM proteins. In the past year, I have made different PTM-proteins and studied the in vitro role of these PTM-proteins binding to and activating the mouse complement components. The next step is to monitor these PTM-proteins in vivo in mouse model.


Curriculum Vitae

I completed my PhD study in professor Birgitta Heyman’s group in the department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology at Uppsala University, Sweden. I investigated the role of complement (especially mouse IgG3) in feedback regulation of antibody responses in mouse model. Since 2019, I joined Leendert Trouw’s group to focus on the role of complement and antibody in autoimmune diseases.

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