Douwe Dijkstra


My research is mainly focused on the complement system and anti-complement autoantibodies, in particular antibodies against the first complement component in the classical pathway: C1q. These anti-C1q autoantibodies are present in a large portion of patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or other autoimmune diseases, but also in some healthy individuals. In this research project, I am looking for ways to exploit the specific binding of anti-C1q in a therapeutic fashion. This can be applied, depending on the situation, for either complement inhibition or extra immune activation.


Curriculum vitae

I completed my bachelor and master in Biotechnology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, including a semester abroad at the Technical University of Denmark. During my studies, I performed internships at the departments of Virology and Nematology in Wageningen, my final internship was at the biotech company Genmab in Utrecht. After obtaining my MSc degree in 2017, I started as a PhD student in the team of dr. Leendert Trouw at the LUMC.

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