Peptide and MHC-tetramer facility

In the peptide synthesis facility of the Department of Immunology we use solid phase technology and automated protocols to generate a variety of synthetic peptides that can be applied for all kind of research purposes. 

The facility is flexible in terms of peptide number (the simultaneous synthesis of up to 192 peptides is possible), peptide quantity (2 mg to about 1 g), peptide purity (up to 99% peptide purity), peptide length (up to about 40 amino acids) and peptide structure (linear, cyclic, branched, hybrid structures, etc). Peptides may contain non-natural amino acids, lipophilic groups, isotope-labeled amino acids or binding tags like biotin or metal chelating groups. In addition, the peptides may contain labels for sensitive and flexible detection like fluorescent groups.



The facility routinely uses UPLC and MaldiTof analysis for quality control of the products, has equipment for and extensive experience with protein sequencing, large scale peptide purification, peptide release and stability studies and HLA-peptide binding experiments.

Our peptide technology enabled us to also become experts in producing MHC-tetramers. We are able to produce MHC class I tetramers from the commonly studied human and mouse alleles labeled with PE, APC or brilliant violet containing a peptide of choice.

We have been involved in many successful research projects in the past in a variety of medical areas, both within and outside the LUMC. In those projects our role has been to design and synthesize peptides and peptide-like structures that were subsequently tested on their intended bioactivity by our collaboration partners.

In case you think that our infrastructure and expertise might render our facility a useful collaboration partner for you, please contact us for further information.

To order peptides, download here the peptides ordering form and send the completed form to

To order tetramers, download here the tetramers ordering form and send the completed form to 


For peptides: Robert Cordfunke or Natasja Dolezal                                For tetramers: Kees Franken or Robert Cordfunke

Department of Immunology, L3-50 
Leiden University Medical Center
Albinusdreef 2
2333 ZA Leiden
The Netherlands

T:  +31(0)715264775

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