Sandra Vloemans

Research technician +31 (0) 71 526 2180


I am working for two different research groups within the Immunology department: the Molecular Stem Cell group from Prof. dr. Frank Staal and the Immune Monitoring group of Prof. dr. Jacques J.M. van Dongen.

For both groups I help many people with their molecular work in the different projects. This is an interesting and exciting challenge.

The focus of my research work is to make new and different DNA/virus constructs for every project and work on a complete T and B-cell analysis after vaccination and/or disease. To achieve this, I make use of many different and new molecular techniques such as CRISPR/Cas9, (Gateway) Cloning, RT-qpcr, FACS and ELISA.



I studied Biotechnology at the HLO in Delft, with molecular biology as my specialization. I have previously worked in biotech company. Currently, for a very long time I have been working at the LUMC in different research groups such as Tumor Immunology, and at this moment the Molecular Stem Cell and Immune Monitoring group. What I really enjoy in this job is to work and help many different people with their molecular work and research, and exploring new techniques.

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