Sandra de Bruin-Versteeg

Research technician +31 (0) 71 526 5717


My main interest lies in testing and diagnosing of rare and special patient samples. For quite some years, I have worked on immunodeficiencies, using both molecular techniques (such as PCR and fluorescent sequencing) and flow cytometry. Nowadays I am part of the Immune Monitoring group as a flow cytometry specialist. Our team tests and analyses patient samples in several research collaborations using advanced flow cytometry based on the EuroFlow Consortium. In between these two jobs, I worked as a graphic designer; making pictures for a study book, presentations and lots of publications. For this I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Finally I have also been a member of the TiMaScan team. Within this team I mainly focused on extensive phenotyping of cells from the monocytic and dendritic lineage. The constant progress of the technical possibilities makes this work challenging. It is a constant process of learning and development.



In 1993 I received my certificate from the Hogeschool West-Brabant, being a medical/biochemical technician. I performed my internship at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam on the department of Immunology. My research project was: testing of monoclonal antibodies for the fifth “Leucocyte Typing” conference on several isolated leucocyte subpopulations using fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry. After my internship I started as a research technician in the same department. I participated in several PhD theses. After a period of working as a graphic designer (2009-2012), still in the same department, I started to work again as a technician on the TiMaScan project. In 2016 our group moved to the LUMC. I continued working on the TiMaScan project and participated in the PERISCOPE project. From 2019 onwards I am a member of the medical immunology team of the Immune Monitoring group.



  • Flow cytometric assessment of leukocyte kinetics for the monitoring of tissue damage.

    Van den Bossche WBL, Rykov K, Teodosio C, Ten Have BLEF, Knobben BAS, Sietsma MS, Josiassen K, de Bruin-Versteeg S, Orfao A, van Dongen JJM, van Raay JJAM.

    Clin Immunol 2018 Dec 197: 224-230

  • Composition of Precursor B-Cell Compartment in Bone Marrow from Patients with X-linked Agammaglobulinemia Compared with Healthy Children.

    Noordzij JG, De Bruin-Versteeg S, Comans-Bitter WM, Hartwig NG, Hendriks RW, De Groot R, Van Dongen JJM.

    Pediatr Res 2002;51:159-168

  • CD22 expression in precursor B-cells tested with the CD22 panel antibodies.

    Comans-Bitter WM, Versteeg S, Hooijkaas H, Van Dongen JJM.

    Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995:528-530

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