Dr. Anita Ordas

Postdoctoral researcher and project manager

In 2018 I joined the group of Prof. Staal at LUMC as a project manager to provide managerial and regulatory support in the preparatory and implementation stage of gene therapy projects, mainly of the RAG1- SCID gene therapy clinical trial that aims to create a novel gene therapy treatment for patients with recombination-deficient severe combined immunodeficiency.


Curriculum vitae

I obtained my PhD in molecular cell biology at Leiden University. As a PhD student and post-doc, I worked in various aspects of anti-tubercular drug development, including drug target validation, pre-clinical pharmacokinetic assay developments, drug efficacy screening, supramolecular and biomaterials chemistry, and in vitro clinical diagnostics. During my post-doc years at Leiden University, I was also appointed as a project manager, and later on, I followed this path both in academic and SME environment to further support research and development of novel therapies.

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