Prof. Dr. Ferry Ossendorp

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Prof. Dr.

Curriculum vitae:

Ferry Ossendorp studied Biology and obtained his PhD degree in 1989 at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, University of Amsterdam. Postdoctoral research was carried out in the Immunology Division at the Netherlands Cancer Institute till 1992. Since 1993 started as a senior scientist in the department of Immunohematology and Blood transfusion in LUMC. Since 1996 he is scientific staff member of the department and group leader. He became Associate Professor in 2005 and Full Professor in 2010. From 2013-2019 he was Scientific board member of Dutch Cancer Foundation KWF. Ferry Ossendorp has currently published 215 peer-reviewed publications and is inventor on five patents involving potentiation of cancer vaccines.



  • Multi-antigen pan-sarbecovirus DNA vaccines generate protective T cell immune responses.

    Hvan Bergen J, Camps M, Pardieck IN, Veerkamp D, Leung WY, Leijs AA, Myeni SK, Kikkert M, Arens R, Zondag GC, Ossendorp F.

    JCI Insight. 2023 Sep 14:e172488

  • Cancer-specific T helper shared and neo-epitopes uncovered by expression of the MHC class II master regulator CIITA.

    Hos BJ, Tondini E, Camps MGM, Rademaker W, van den Bulk J, Ruano D, Janssen GMC, de Ru AH, van den Elsen PJ, de Miranda NFCC, van Veelen PA, Ossendorp F.

    Cell Rep. 2022 Oct 11;41(2):111485.

  • Intradermal vaccination of HPV-16 E6 synthetic peptides conjugated to an optimized Toll-like receptor 2 ligand shows safety and potent T cell immunogenicity in patients with HPV-16 positive (pre-)malignant lesions

    Speetjens FM, Welters MJP, Slingerland M, van Poelgeest MIE, de Vos van Steenwijk PJ, Roozen I, Boekestijn S, [...], Melief CJM, van der Marel GA, Filippov DV, van der Burg SH, Gelderblom H, Ossendorp F.

    JJ Immunother Cancer. 2022 Oct;10(10):e005016

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