Vidi grant (NWO) for Annemarthe van der Veen

Four LUMC scientists receive a Vidi grant from NWO. These grants of over 800,000 euros are distributed each year to experienced and excellent researchers who carry out groundbreaking research.

Vidi grant (NWO) for Annemarthe van der Veen

One of these grants has been awarded to Annemarthe van der Veen of our department, head of the Molecular Biology of Innate Immunity group, for her project ‘Inflammation without infection’.

If our immune system is no longer able to distinguish between the body's own molecules and microbial molecules such as viruses, this leads to autoinflammatory disorders. "An inflammatory reaction then takes place without there being an infection", explains Van der Veen, researcher at the Immunology department. "We are going to investigate the causes of such a sterile inflammation".

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