Natasja de Vries wins best thesis prize twice

This month Natasja de Vries has received two prizes for her thesis entitled “Novel mediators of anti-tumor immunity”. On November 10, her thesis was awarded best thesis of the year by the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Medische Oncologie (NVMO), on November 21 the Leiden University Medical Center granted her the same honour!

Natasja de Vries wins best thesis prize twice

Natasja investigated the composition of the tumor resident immune compartment in colorectal cancer. This led to the observation that a subset of γδ T cells was enriched in a subset of patients. Further work revealed that these cells possessed the capacity to eradicate tumor cells in vitro. Strikingly, PD1 was expressed by these γδ T cells indicating they could be a target of immune checkpoint therapy. In collaboration with the NKI this was confirmed by the outcome of a clinical trial. Thus, γδ T cells may be exploited as novel mediators of anti-tumor immunity.

Natasja de Vries performed her studies in the department of Immunology and the department of Pathology under the supervision of Frits Koning and Noel de Miranda.

Further reading:

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