Joint research project between LUMC and Genmab

LUMC and company Genmab start research to optimally target multiple receptors on T cells to improve immunotherapy.

In a new collaborative project, the Arens lab and Genmab will investigate which combinations of receptors on T cells must be manipulated to optimally enhance immunotherapy against cancer and infection. More than 900,000 euros has been released by Genmab for the research.

Joint research project between LUMC and Genmab

The Arens lab is part of the Immunology department at the LUMC. The research is focused on T cells, which play a central role in the fight against cancer and infection. T cells are known to express different activating and inhibiting receptors on their surface. But how these immune receptors can be best stimulated is still the big question.


Making T cells more active

The research concentrates on identifying the antibodies that work best together to activate T cells and what the underlying mechanism are. The researchers are using Genmab's HexaBody technology. By means of effective stimulation of activating receptors, these unique antibodies can make the T cells work active. In addition, antibodies are used to block inhibitory receptors. In this way, T cells are better able to attack tumor cells and virus-infected cells.

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